Amazon case study UX audit

How to make minor changes with a huge UX impact

There are quite a few things that you’d be looking to do when using the Amazon shopping app, but the 2 main user journeys for this app should always be centered around the goals of buying a productchecking in on a product that you’ve bought. The 1st one making Amazon money & the second one keeping their customers happy whilst minimising the customer support contact rate.


In order to make minimal changes & not rip the whole UI to shreds from the get go, we’ll be looking at the 2nd journey (check in on an order) for this 1st case study.


Let’s open the app & have a look! ⬇️

That’s it for now!


This user journey helped us come across a lot of issues that can be easily fixed. So next time we’ll look at a few bigger changes that can create a much better UX – like what should actually be included in the My profile page and why there is a better positioning for the shopping cart.


Until next time✌️