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creating the best online experience for
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What we do

Design fixes

For when you have a great product but your main page needs some impactful design fixes to increase usability & conversions

UX audit

For when your whole app or website would benefit from improved navigation / readability / usability

New site

For when you want a new, well designed, high converting website that can grow with you

The best landing pages are impactful, easy to navigate, build trust, show exactly why the visitor should buy your product right now and much more. All in just a few seconds!

You’ve done so much work to bring visitors to your website, wouldn’t it be nice if more of them would become customers?

Get a developer friendly outline of improvements needed across the design, layout, copy, images, icons, forms, CTAs on your page, to create the biggest impact on the usability & conversions from your page.

A UX audit is a deep dive into one of your main user journeys, looking at usability, navigation, readability and product / features positioning & how these can be improved.

We’ll look at how users currently interact with your UI throughout their journey, where they drop off / get confused & give you insights into what’s going on and how you can easily create a smoother experience for your users.

The goal of a UX audit is not to replace your current overall design. Its goal is to look at what changes (sometimes even minor ones) would have the biggest impact on your UX.

After we’re done, you’ll receive a file documenting all the issues we’ve encountered in your current setup & the ways in which they can be fixed or sometimes redesigned.

Having an online presence is super important. But that doesn’t mean your website has to break the bank or take a lifetime to complete!

Clearly communicating with your visitors + having a good UX | UI design = website with a high conversion rate

With hundreds of websites under our belt, we can create a beautiful and high conversion website for you, without breaking the bank and  delivered in record time.

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Design fixes

Increase the usability & conversions of your main page
$ 149 one off fee
  • Overall design, layout, copy, images, icons, forms, CTAs analysis
  • Outline of the 3 most impactful improvements needed on this page
  • +$100 available upgrade to unlimited suggestions

UX audit

UX fixes with short & long term returns
$ 1,299 one off fee
  • Audit of the main user flow in your website / app / platform
  • Detailed report of the issues with your current UX
  • File with suggestions on how to improve your UX
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Quick new website

Well designed without breaking the bank
$ 1,899 one off fee
  • Beautiful & user centric website
  • Design tailored to your style, voice & audience
  • Desktop, tablet & mobile responsive
  • Up to 4 pages
  • Setting up hosting & DNS included
Currently unavailable
Who are odsgns?

odsgns is a 2 person team, made up of me (Daniela) & my brother, Sorin. Hard to believe how quickly this went by, but odsgns has been around for more than 6 years now!


I’m a Senior UX designer, app designer, web designer & developer and maker of side projects. Sorin is a web designer & developer with a love for video editing.


In this time (& before) we’ve been working with startups at all stages of growth (anything from idea to scale up) & have developed hundreds of user flows, personas, designs, prototypes & websites for them.

What type of projects do you work on?

Anything under Websites & Web platforms design, iOS & Android app design, SaaS design, Email design

How quickly will I get my design?

Design fixes will be delivered within 1 week & UX audits within 2.


Anything custom will differ on a case by case basis, depending on your requirements.

What do you need from me, for the Design fixes?

Each type of design requires different things & you will receive an email asking about all the details, within 24 hours of completing your payment. But here they are laid out.


For the Design fixes we need to know:

  • What your product does.
  • Who your target customer / audience is.
What do you need from me, for a UX audit?

Each type of design requires different things & you will receive an email asking about all the details, within 24 hours of completing your payment. But here they are laid out.


For the UX audit we need to know:

  • Who your target customer / audience is.
  • What is the user flow that you want us to look at, including access to these pages
  • Any current heatmap or analytics that identifies current / historical user behaviour
Do you make extra changes post delivery?

For Design fixes & UX audits, extra changes can be made, but will be charged on an hourly / daily basis.


For the “Ongoing designs” package you can request any amount of changes and they will all be dealt with, one by one.